29 March 2010

My Feeling....(Loneliness)

My smile wavers
My voice trembles
The scenery is blurring

I wanted to make friends with you and called out
Your pure eyes were dazzling
Because I want to be close to you, more and more
I pretend to not know about my little pain

When did you gain
The person who is truly precious to you?
You're frolicking, talking more than usual, right?
Then the reality stabs

My smile wavers
My voice trembles
I look down as if unworried
You don't...exist
You're not...here
Even though we understood each other, there was an unburied distance

Just by exchanging words, I became happy
Wrapped by your tender eyes
While scared of my earnest feelings
I gently offered you my fullest thoughts

I want to slowly nurture
Our truly precious encounter
I want to send it to you, but I can't reach you; since when
Did only anxiety expand?

That it's destiny for us to be separated...
I believed that we'd be like this forever
You don't...exist
You're not...here
Without being able to accept it, I kept searching for you

My tears fall
My words fade
My entwined thoughts won't come apart
You don't...exist
You're not...here
I lost my destination; I give a lonely sigh

Because I'm here with a smile...let me love you

28 March 2010


Final 2nd semester exam coming soon....
A lot of study not been done yet....
Hope can do much better than last semester...
Here we go again!!!