15 February 2010

Wonderful Time!!!

Yesterday is the most wonderful time :)
Going out with family to Sunway Pyramid
14th February 2010 (1st Day of CNY)

Start going out from 1.00pm until 11.40pm (omg)
Playing bowling + eating at KFC + ice skating
First is bowling...my score quite good...but still lost in team competition (3 vs 3)

Playing 2 games, first win but second lost...but it very fun :)
Ice skating is the best....(many time fall...hurt my bottom >.<)

First time playing ice skating, cant move went enter (too slippery)
Take half hour to start moving(not very smooth...always want to fall)
After about 1 hour...start to have balance n move abit faster....(still left behind by my sister =.=)
Emm...about 2 hour after that start to master it, now more fast than my sister...yesss!!!
5 hour ice-skating(holy shit)...
My ankle hurt alot....
However, it very fun and tonight will go out again to celebrate my birthday :)
Happy Birthday To MySelf :)

13 February 2010

Home =>

Arrive home at 6.30 a.m.
So sleepy after arriving home
Take a quick sleep....
Now awake...going out for haircut... :)

Before haircut....

After haircut... :)

12 February 2010


Tonight at 10pm will going back to my home
1 week holiday due to Chinese New Year
A bit excited
Waiting patiently until the time to go arrive
Hope this holiday give me new life, hope and happiness
Home i will back soon, just Wait for me
May the trip been blessed by god :)

11 February 2010


What should i do?
Keep thinking over and over again.....
Should i go back home or should i stay here....
Full of stress and tiredness due to pack schedule and assignment....
Keep wondering what the best way to handle this....
Hope there will be an answer for this.....
May god bless me.....

09 February 2010


Keep wondering what missing in my life
The life feel so strange and some how it feel so lonely
What will happen....who know....
Lost in this big yet empty planet
Begin to search what is missing........

01 February 2010


o.0 time move so fast which now already in second month of 2010, FEBRUARY !!!
This month will fulfill with many event such as Raya Cina, Valentine, my middle semester break and of course my birthday :)
Hope this month will be the best month for me :)