16 November 2010




24 June 2010

Aktiviti Sepanjang Cuti (n_n)

Mula-mula....start je cuti aku terus buat lesen kereta
Agak lambat aku buat lesen ni kerana kwn2 lain semua dah ada >_<
Dalam masa seminggu aku dah dapat lesen L.
Kemudian aku stop kejap kerana balik universiti semula
Aku wakil dlm acara tenis untuk MASUM.
Training yg memenatkan >< (standard lah..hahaha...)
Lepas seminggu training terus pergi UiTM Perlis sbb buat kat sana
Lepas tu, aku balik semula ke rumah & sambung balik buat lesen kereta
Dlm seminggu tu aku habis kan semua jam kreadit yg diperlukan.
Minggu seterusnya terus test jpj.
Alhamdulillah lulus :)
Owh ya, dlm ambil lesen P tu sempat gak pergi bercuti kat Pulau Pinang
2 hari 3 malam.
Minggu lepas balik kelantan.
Sepupu kahwin :)
Tolong mak sedara buat persiapan (sgt rapat sbb dari kecik selalu pergi rumah dia)
Hari sebelum perkahwinan tu, buat kerja byk kot >_<
Cari kayu api untuk masak
Buat tempat masak guna batu-bata
Paling special > aku buat labu sira (sejenis kuih)
2 periuk besar >_<>
Nenek tolong check je...aku yg tukang jaga api sbb api xleh besar sgt
Hasil nya memuaskan...habis licin hari kenduri tu =D
Hari ni baru je balik dari kelantan
Naik keretapi>ambil yg tempat tido
Best...hehe :D
(sepanjang cuti ni byk gak aku tgk wayang...hehe)
Tu saje setakat ni
Jumpa Lagi
Bye (n_n)

04 June 2010



24 April 2010


Akhirnya..... aku ambil lesen juga
Lesen kereta (selepas di paksa suruh ambil )
Penat betul dgr ceramah tadi
Selasa ni test berkomputer pula
Harap2 dapat lulus semuanya dengan lancar


15 April 2010

HOSTEL B2 410-2

Hari ini hari terakhir aku berada di bilik aku
B2 410-2
Selamat tinggal dan terima kasih
Kerana menjadi tempat aku berehat
Selama 2 semester kau menjadi tempat aku membuat segala kerja
Bermain, tidur, makan, minum
Penuh dengan memori
Kepada roomate ku AZHAR & KEIRI thank you for everything.
Semoga persahabatan kita berkekalan
Semoga berjumpa lagi sahabat-sahabat ku


11 April 2010

My Life

Life is something that cant be explain by word

I wonder what about my life
It full of mystery
Sometimes it wonderful
Sometimes it painful
My feeling weaver sometimes
When remembering that sadness time

I try to hide my cry with smile
I try to hide my feeling with joke
I try to hide my sorrow with laugh
I try to hide my loneliness with teasing people

Day after day, I grow older
Keep wondering about my future
Keep wondering about my life
Whether there are wonderful life is await me
Or just a future with darkness

I see a lot of changes as I grow from time to time
A lot of happiness and a lot of sadness
People around me start to change
Become more mature and more focus on their life
Many have been accompany by the love one
It a happy thing to see

But deep inside me there are unknown feeling build up
It envy? It loneliness?
I keep wondering about it
What it is actually? Can someone tell me
I keep searching around for the answer
But still failed to get it
I try to ignore this feeling
I try to forget it
I try to get it out of my mind
However it still coming to me

Life is something unpredictable
Many thing happen whether I wish it or not
Time past so fast for me to realize it
I try my best to catch up with it
But still failed because there are a lot of obstacle lie ahead

When come part of love
My feeling weaver
Become confuse and afraid
Hard for me to believe in it
Hard for me to get along with it
I afraid to thinking about it
I rather be alone as long as I can
This because I have experience something more painful
Painful that other people can't imagine
This painful will last forever
I dont want to add more this painful feeling
It enough, It hard to carry
I barely withstand it

Now, I try to focus on something
Something that can make me happy
Something that can make me enjoy my life
Something that can make me forget all the sadness
I walk to this path alone
But with highly spirit

I hope it will change my life to more better
Will take me toward life that I dream on
I will keep moving toward what I believe
Hope one day I will reach my dream life

09 April 2010

Broken Heart

My heart is broken into several piece....huhu
So sad right now :(
Why it happen to me.....
But it is my own mistake....
Because not careful in my action...
Now it payback......
So lonely.....
(who cause my heart broken...see below...huhuhu)

(Pendrive 8GB ku telah hilang)

07 April 2010

Final Paper Coming Soon + Public Speaking

subjek yg mencabar untuk semester ni
8 Chapter pula tu masuk T_T
nasib baik ade gap 5 hari sebelum start paper ni
kalau x, nganga jelah exam nanti....hahaha....
tapi dlm tempoh ni jugak kena siapkan persuasive speech sbb nak kena present 14/4 nih...dua hari selepas paper genetik nih =.=
xde idea lagi apa yg nak di ucapkan
hope I can done it in time

Time to start it now!!!

( ◕‿◕)

29 March 2010

My Feeling....(Loneliness)

My smile wavers
My voice trembles
The scenery is blurring

I wanted to make friends with you and called out
Your pure eyes were dazzling
Because I want to be close to you, more and more
I pretend to not know about my little pain

When did you gain
The person who is truly precious to you?
You're frolicking, talking more than usual, right?
Then the reality stabs

My smile wavers
My voice trembles
I look down as if unworried
You don't...exist
You're not...here
Even though we understood each other, there was an unburied distance

Just by exchanging words, I became happy
Wrapped by your tender eyes
While scared of my earnest feelings
I gently offered you my fullest thoughts

I want to slowly nurture
Our truly precious encounter
I want to send it to you, but I can't reach you; since when
Did only anxiety expand?

That it's destiny for us to be separated...
I believed that we'd be like this forever
You don't...exist
You're not...here
Without being able to accept it, I kept searching for you

My tears fall
My words fade
My entwined thoughts won't come apart
You don't...exist
You're not...here
I lost my destination; I give a lonely sigh

Because I'm here with a smile...let me love you

28 March 2010


Final 2nd semester exam coming soon....
A lot of study not been done yet....
Hope can do much better than last semester...
Here we go again!!!

15 February 2010

Wonderful Time!!!

Yesterday is the most wonderful time :)
Going out with family to Sunway Pyramid
14th February 2010 (1st Day of CNY)

Start going out from 1.00pm until 11.40pm (omg)
Playing bowling + eating at KFC + ice skating
First is bowling...my score quite good...but still lost in team competition (3 vs 3)

Playing 2 games, first win but second lost...but it very fun :)
Ice skating is the best....(many time fall...hurt my bottom >.<)

First time playing ice skating, cant move went enter (too slippery)
Take half hour to start moving(not very smooth...always want to fall)
After about 1 hour...start to have balance n move abit faster....(still left behind by my sister =.=)
Emm...about 2 hour after that start to master it, now more fast than my sister...yesss!!!
5 hour ice-skating(holy shit)...
My ankle hurt alot....
However, it very fun and tonight will go out again to celebrate my birthday :)
Happy Birthday To MySelf :)

13 February 2010

Home =>

Arrive home at 6.30 a.m.
So sleepy after arriving home
Take a quick sleep....
Now awake...going out for haircut... :)

Before haircut....

After haircut... :)

12 February 2010


Tonight at 10pm will going back to my home
1 week holiday due to Chinese New Year
A bit excited
Waiting patiently until the time to go arrive
Hope this holiday give me new life, hope and happiness
Home i will back soon, just Wait for me
May the trip been blessed by god :)

11 February 2010


What should i do?
Keep thinking over and over again.....
Should i go back home or should i stay here....
Full of stress and tiredness due to pack schedule and assignment....
Keep wondering what the best way to handle this....
Hope there will be an answer for this.....
May god bless me.....

09 February 2010


Keep wondering what missing in my life
The life feel so strange and some how it feel so lonely
What will happen....who know....
Lost in this big yet empty planet
Begin to search what is missing........

01 February 2010


o.0 time move so fast which now already in second month of 2010, FEBRUARY !!!
This month will fulfill with many event such as Raya Cina, Valentine, my middle semester break and of course my birthday :)
Hope this month will be the best month for me :)

25 January 2010


I think this is time for me to change. Walking alone toward my own future without looking back. Althought there will be many obstacle or darkness lies ahead, i will keep going on... Time will always change and people change with time which including myself. From now on, I will become more serious and start to move foward into new pathways....

01 January 2010

Selamat Tahun Baru 2010

Tahun 2010 telah tiba. Semoga tahun ini lebih bermakna dan diberkati.